While most of Chip's custom creations are vehicles from years past, he also does work on modern era machines, too. In 2002, Ford Motor Company provided Foose Design a model of the recently reintroduced Ford Thunderbird. The vehicle was one of 3 Thunderbirds given to select hot rod builders, So-Cal Speed Shop and Bobby Alloway being the others, which would be modified and premiered in the Ford booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Once Chip took delivery of the Thunderbird, he molded new front and rear fascias and built new front and rear grille inserts. Next, the roof was cut off and a new wrap around windshield added. A partial tonneau cover and stylized roll bar loops complement the distressed leather interior of the two-seater. Eibach lowering springs reduced the ride height and one-off wheels were designed, cut and installed. The front headlights were replaced with those of a Volkswagen Beetle.

The build of the vehicle, now known as Speedbird, was documented on the Discovery Channel's automotive documentary Rides, which aired repeatedly on the TLC network in 2003. After the unveiling at SEMA, Ford Motor Company named Speedbird their "Best of Show".
Owner: Chip Foose
Vehicle: 2002 Ford Thunderbird


Frame / Manufacturer: Stock Ford
Wheelbase: 107.2"
Rearend / Ratio: Stock
Rear Suspension: Stock, lowered w/ Eibach Springs
Rear Brakes: Baer
Rear Shocks: Stock
Front Suspension: Stock, lowered w/ Eibach Springs
Front Brakes: Baer
Front Shocks: Stock
Master Cylinder: Stock
Steering: Stock
Front Wheel Make, Size: Foose custom wheel, 20"
Rear Wheel Make, Size: Foose custom wheel, 20"
Front Tire Make, Size: Pirelli
Rear Tire Make, Size: Pirelli
Gas Tank: Stock


Make: Stock
Displacement: Stock


Make: Stock
Shifter: Stock


Body Style / Material: 2002 Ford Thunderbird Roadster / Steel and epoxy front and rear fascias
Body Manufacturer: Ford
Body Mods: Custom front and rear fascias, custom grille inserts, side vents and custom trim
Hood: Reshaped with new scoop
Grille: Custom grille inserts by Foose Design
Bodywork: Chip Foose, Tim Fitzpatrick
Paint type / Color: BASF Glasurit / "Chipewter"
Painter: Foose Design
Headlights / Taillights: Reshaped Volkswagen Beetle / Stock
Bumpers: N/A


Dashboard: Stock
Insert / Gauges: Stock
Stereo / Speakers: Stock
Air Conditioning: Stock
Wiring: Stock
Steering wheel: Stock
Steering column: Stock
Seats: Custom Cobra Seats
Upholsterer: Foose Design
Material / Color: Leather / Black with Burnt Orange inserts
Carpet: Stock