RICK - Our Winner

This unique episode did not have a vehicle owner receiving an overhaul, like most previous episodes.  Instead, the A-team customized a Chrysler 300S graciously donated by Mopar, which was ultimately raffled off to one lucky SEMA member at the convention in Las Vegas.  For the first three days of the SEMA show, thousands of attendees visited the Overhaulin’ set to see the progress on the overhaul and drop their names into the huge rolling cage for a chance to have their card pulled and win this hot ride.  

On the last day of SEMA, Chip reached in and pulled out the name of the lucky winner in front of a packed audience.  Rick Walker’s name was called and with a big smile he made his way to the set to meet the gang and see his new ride.   It had been 5 years since Rick had attended the SEMA show and he was definitely thankful he decided to come this year.  Back in Texas, Rick owns a body shop that houses a ’68 Chevy big block and 10 motor scooters.  He’s familiar with Mopar since he drives a Dodge with a Hemi engine.  Rick couldn’t believe he had won this screaming ride.  It didn’t feel real, but he was very excited and now has a new favorite Overhaulin’ episode.  Congratulations Rick!  

But Rick isn’t the only winner, Chrysler is running a contest in which a duplicate version of this vehicle can be won by filling out an application on their facebook page.  Please follow this link and you can join Rick as the owner of a Foose Chrysler V


OVERHAULED - What was done

The A team nearly always overhauls older cars, so pulling apart this vehicle wasn’t as easy as usual.  With only 3 days to transform the sedan into Chip’s custom design they had to get going fast.  Early in the week, Chip sat down and sketched the rendering which showed the final look of what is now know as the Chrysler Foose 300V.  V stands for the Velocity network, which airs original episodes of Overhaulin’.

The stock Hemi engine on this ride goes from zero to 60mph in 5.8 seconds, but with a few tweaks, it was screaming even faster.  A cold air intake performance boost was added making the air cooler and denser which provides more power.  A Magnaflow stainless steel performance exhaust was also installed by Richard.  Chip chose a Mopar pistol grip shifter to replace the stock unit.  

The two tone paint job required many long hours to perfect, with Chip laying out the perfect accent line to separate the colors.  After scuffing up the body panels and carefully wet sanding, the pearl orange stripe, gloss black and Velocity networks signature silver were painted on the 300 in the wee hours of the morning.  He decided to blend the silver color, gradually darkening towards the bottom of the car.  The orange stripe followed the curve on the rear to create an illusion of an aerodynamic wing.  

The overall stance is lower and more aggressive.  Body panels were fit on the bottom of and new shocks were added which still retain some part of the stock unit. After adding the suspension lowering kit, dropping the ride 1.5 inches, handling has been improved and a lower center of gravity achieved, reducing drag.  22 inch one-off custom Foose MHT wheels were wrapped in Pirelli tires.  

Chip designed the custom leather interior using the original seat covers but added camel color leather to the center with grey piping on the outside.  Chip created a custom signature logo for this ride which was embroidered to the upper seat back and included the Foose logo, the Velocity Network V and 300.  You can also find this custom logo on the front fender area.  To match the seats, they put camel leather in the center of the side door panels with black stitching.  The grille was also modified with the chrome center replaced by a black insert, making the front visually pop and also matching the silver and black color theme.