This classic Oldsmobile owned by David Currier used to run at one point, but had long seen better days. David’s vehicle had been at his mechanic buddy Parrish’s shop for over a year, finalizing some electrical and transmission issues that had prevented the Olds from getting back on the road. It broke the heart of David’s girlfriend, Rebecca, to see this old classic "boat” docked and she contacted Overhaulin’ to get it running again.

A search and rescue instructor with the US Navy, David trains people to save lives. It’s the least we could do to save the life of his car! Since Parrish already had the vehicle at his shop, it was an easy pickup for the Overhaulin’ team to bring it to the set.

In attendance at a fundraiser for the Connected Warrior Foundation, which supports wounded veterans, David entered a raffle to win a custom sketch by Chip Foose. With a little help from the raffle manager, co-host Chris Jacobs, David’s ticket was selected. When he met with Chip to discuss his ride, he was surprised to be presented an already completed sketch of his Dynamic 88. Putting it all together, a speechless David was escorted out front to see his restored Oldsmobile. A Navy man reunited with his boat!

OVERHAULED - What was done

Chip’s unique 3-tone paint scheme really stands out on this vehicle. Playing with different combinations of red, black, white and silver, he ultimately settled on black over red on the body with a silver top and backend. The bottom crimson red color progressively adds more Glasurit black base coat to the 4 different layers to fade it darker as it nears the bottom. A red and black Bill Dunn interior uses Katzkin leather and features a few subtle Foose mods to the chrome trim to match the dash integration.

Hoping to use as many original parts as possible, the trim and molding pieces were repaired by Chip himself. The original motor was taken apart by QMP and upgraded with a new Offenhauser intake, distribution, gaskets and seals, topped off with 3 Rochester carbs. A new paint scheme matches the engine to the interior.

The 16’1” frame was powder coated along with the original control arms. Six piston Baer brakes were also added along with a new Magnaflow fabricated exhaust system. MHT cut a new wheel featuring a custom 10-spoke Foose design and Pirelli provided the tires. Additional modifications included a new steering wheel, Mooneyes air filter and a new AC unit.