Seventh grade math teacher Brian Webb worked extra jobs as a teen in order to purchase his 1965 Chevy Malibu SS. Mechanical problems and an expanding family decreased attention towards the vehicle and it eventually stopped running.

Well deserving of an overhaul, Brian is always one to put others first. Co-host Jessi Combs spoke with some of the students at Rio Vista Elementary in Apple Valley, California where Brian works and they described him as helpful and fun. Principal Smith described him as a great teacher and a great family guy.

Brian is also a big fan of our show. Not wanting to inadvertently blow our cover, we parked the finished vehicle in the parking lot of the school when Brian was on traffic duty. Instantly recognizing the lines of a ’65 Malibu, Brain actually left his traffic post for a closer look! As he admired this restored classic, he saw Chris, Jessi and Chip approaching him and before they could say the words he already knew he’d been overhauled. After a big hug for Chip and the gang, Brian took a ride in his new family heirloom.

OVERHAULED - What was done

A mid-level muscle car back in 1965, the Malibu had a number of trim options. Seeking that classic hot rod look, the insiders worked with Chip to design Brian’s ideal ride.

Finding no signs of severe damage to the vehicle beyond a little corrosion in the rear quarter and damage to the bumpers, the A-team set to work repairing the rust and straightening the frame.

A gorgeous two-tone paint scheme features BASF waterborne Huntington Blue Pearl and silver metallic with a Foose fade, separated by orange pinstriping.

The frame was powder coated and new front and rear suspension systems were provided by Hotchkis Sport Suspension. Baer six piston brakes with orange painted calipers were also installed. As Brian is not a fan of bigger wheels, Chip used 17” MHT Nitrous Foose wheels with polished chrome lips and grey centers, a little smaller than his usual.

In order to get his vehicle running again, Edelbrock provided a new 350 crate engine which Vic Edelbrock Jr. signed himself. A new Hurst shifter was also installed and the center console rechromed and painted. New Katzkin leather was used to cover the original seats with Original Parts Group donating the additional required replacement parts.