After a five year hiatus, Overhaulin’ returned in October 2012 with an all new season and an all new format. Having last filmed in 2007, it’s really a credit to the popularity of the show, and the many fans who continued to support it, that it was brought back to life.

This time around you’ll no longer see a large portion of the show devoted to pranks. Rather, that time is now spent focusing on the owners of the cars and why they’re so deserving of an overhaul. Also, we won’t be crunching the build time into one week. We’re taking up to three weeks on some of these builds and even overlapping builds. Chip requested this change, he needs to sleep! It also allows time to really focus on the vehicles and have them street ready once they’re presented.

In order to accommodate this new season of projects a new shop had to be found before filming could begin. Chip Foose’s custom shop Foose Design was packed with projects, so an alternate location had to be found . . . . and quick. Ultimately, new headquarters for Overhaulin’ was set up just a few miles from Foose Design in Huntington Beach, California. But, not everything was ready to go right off the bat. Two car lifts were brought in. Electrical, compressor and airlines, tools and flooring all had to be taken care of. We also had to find the first vehicle! The first couple weeks of were spent multi-tasking, not only organizing the new shop, but also overhauling the first ride.

Chris Jacobs is back as co-host of the show and we’re also joined this year by new co-host Jessi Combs of All Girls Garage. Jessi has worked with us on Overhaulin’ builds before and it’s great to see her come on full time. You’ll notice a few returning faces from the A team of old, along with a host of new ones. Making his debut on television is Chip’s son Brock Foose who is helping out on a few episodes. It’s great to watch him learn from his Dad, just as Chip learned from his Dad, hot rod legend Sam Foose.

CARLOS - Our Mark

Kicking off our very first episode of season 6, you’ll notice another Overhaulin’ first. The mark’s vehicle was not stolen, we actually bought it! Producers searched used car ads and the internet looking for a worthy candidate who was selling a ride to help his family. They couldn’t have found a better candidate than Carlos, our first mark. Carlos served for our country in the military and is an Iraqi war veteran. He had placed an ad to sell his beloved 1965 Chevrolet Impala in order to help support his growing family, as he and his wife were expecting another baby. Unbeknownst to Carlos the Overhaulin’ producers were able to snatch up his car, without him any the wiser to their true intentions.

At the reveal, Carlos and his family received an additional surprise. The car was stocked full of baby toys, baby clothes, diapers and even a new stroller. For someone who has sacrificed so much for their country and their family, we just want to say Thank You! Welcome to the Overhaulin’ family Carlos!


OVERHAULED - What was done

Once Chip and the A Team got a hold of Carlos' ride, they immediately set to work. The vehicle received a brand new Edelbrock Chevy Small Block 350 Crate motor. Chip designed one-off custom Foose wheels that were cut, polished and pinstriped. With 19”s in the front and 20”s in the back, the wheels were wrapped in Pirelli P Zeros (245/35 in the front and 275/35 in the rear). The chassis was retrofitted with Hotchkis suspension component parts and Classic Industries provided a number of reproduction parts, most notably a new front grille. Subtle Foose design touches included the 3-piece bumpers being reshaped and welded into a new one-piece. Bill Dunn upgraded his brand new interior to a vibrant burgundy red, modeled after the stock SS interior, including a center console and bucket seats. When it came time for color, Chip sat down with Carlos’ family to design the new paint scheme. Using BASF paints, the body received a top-to-bottom bright silver blend to a darker charcoal. Subtle red stripes accent the sides.