RICK - Our Winner

Welcome back, Overhaulin’ fans! We’re back with the premiere episode of the second half of Season 6. We’re back targeting unsuspecting owners and revving-up their worn classic cars. In episode 6, the familiar faces of our veteran "A-team” members return and are joined by some recent graduates and volunteers from WyoTech, an industrial trade school with emphasis on the automotive industry.

Our target this week is Rick Fontana, a selfless individual, who is always putting others happiness before his own. Rick volunteers with The Challengers, a little league baseball team for children with physical and mental disabilities. He also participates in search and rescue missions in San Bernardino County, which is where he met his friend of 15 years, Derek, our Overhaulin’ insider.

Rick’s 1967 Ford Mustang convertible wasn’t going to be easy to swipe, since it was his very first car. In order to obtain this classic, we concocted the story of a production studio needing period cars for a new movie. Derek thought it would be easier for Rick to let go of his "baby” if he too lent the production studio his own ’69 Corvette. A couple days later, both cars were on our "Movie Cars, Inc.” rig and off to "the set”!

This 1967 Mustang’s uni-body frame was in great condition after inspection at the shop. The lack of rust on this pony astonished everyone!The interior, on the other hand, needed some TLC.

Finally, it was time to let Rick in on the secret. During the reveal, it’s easy to see the disbelief on Rick’s face. He doesn’t even recognize Chip when he enters the room! Rick is now the proud owner of a beautifully rebuilt Foose custom Mustang convertible. Rick, you’ve been Overhauled. Welcome to the family!

OVERHAULED - What was done

Once the car arrived at the Overhaulin’ set, we set to work.  Since the exterior of the car was in such great shape the original fenders and panels were all able to be restored.  The lack of rust allowed the vehicle to be quickly prepped for a new paint job.  After speaking with the insider, Derek, Chip decided on a striking BASF Glasurit 90 line red with a subtle satin black finish on the tail.  Dennis Ricklefs’ black and tan stripping job accents the paint scheme and shows off the body lines.

Up front, the hood was replaced and the bumper narrowed and pulled back to fit tightly against the body. Under the hood, Chip straightened the radiator core support and replaced the 302 engine with a small block V8.  In the rear, we extended the bumper to fill the gap and give it a tailored fit look, while underneath we put in a new Currie rear end.  Inside the car we replaced the gauges with new parts from Summit Racing Equipment.  Chip chose a teak colored leather for the outer edges of the seats and door panels to match the new folding glass soft-top.  A beautiful palomino colored leather with red piping accents the center of each seat.  To complete the look, a Foose custom designed set of one-off MHT wheels were cut and painted gold to play off the tan roof.  The 19” and 20” wheels fit perfectly on Pirelli PZero tires. 

Additional upgrades included a modern suspension package from Global West, new heating unit from Drake Automotive and a custom installed new Magnaflow exhaust system.