You are looking at the Impostor. This 1965 Chevy Impala is not what it appears. The theme for this build is the concept of "what if" Chevrolet's Corvette studio modeled a muscle car in 1965 as well as the sports car we all know and love. This is a C6 Corvette in the Impala wears. Thousands of modifications have been made to the Super Sport body; too many to list. The Impostor is not the original cruiser it once was. This is a state-of-the-art engineering and performance platform from Chevrolet's Corvette Division stretched over 7" and wrapped up in the 14" shorter Impala body."

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  • 1965 Impala Super Sport
  • 2008 Corvette
  • Foose Design Wheels
  • Pirelli Tires 245/35/19 & 335/30/20
  • Custom Exhaust using Magnaflow Components
  • Handmade & fitted bumpers 
  • The roof is 1¼” lower and 8” shorter 
  • The windshield is laid back 2½” 
  • Deck lid is 7” shorter 
  • Mid-year Corvette lights with custom-built bezels to thold the lenses in place 
  • Stamped steel inserts for the tail lights replace the larger stock holes 
  • Rear wheel wells are lifted 2” and pulled forward 7” 
  • Hand made steel quarter panel extensions are welded in place eliminating original pot metal pieces 
  • Deck lid extensions are dropped 2” to fit to the bumper eliminating the stock aluminum trim above the bumper 
  • The rear bumper is much narrower and hand made to feel more like mid-year Corvette styling 
  • Lower-rear body extends under the bumper all the way to the wheel arches for a continued belly pan accross the bottom of the car 
  • Waste gates added to the front fender to pick up on Corvette’s styling cues 
  • Mesh and chrome accents add to the styling details 
  • All side glass has been prototyped; built with curves to fit and tempered to last 
  • Individual compartments allow storage for the removable quarter glass for an open-hard-top theme 
  • The interior carries over from the C6 Corvette but has been completely hand sculpted in clay, molded with carbon fiber and epoxy parts,  and leather-wrapped to fit inside the custom body 
  • The new interior maintains a few of the cool details of the Impala interior for a nice blend of both cars and eras 
  • The front-end mimics the "egg crate” grills of mid-year Corvettes and carries the headlamps in custom billet-aluminum buckets that are bolted to a hand-fabricated core support.

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