Hemisfear is the culmination of a 16 year personal dream for Chip. In 1990, during his senior year at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Chip and his classmates were presented with a Chrysler-sponsored graduation project. They were to design a vehicle for a niche market. Chip took a bit of a spin on the concept, he didn't want to design for an existing market, he wanted to create a new one.

With its unique flair, Chip's 1:5 scale model of the Hemisfear gained significant recognition and was even featured in an issue of HOT ROD magazine. It also became the inspiration for the Plymouth Prowler, as careful study of the two will show many design similarities. OEM's had now recognized the need to fulfill this "hot-rod" niche market as vehicles like the PT Cruiser, Chevrolet SSR and Chevrolet HHR were made available to consumers.

Chip actually began building a chassis for a real version of the Hemisfear while working for Boyd Coddington, but there was never enough time to complete the project. That all changed in 2005, when Chip signed a die-cast toy deal with RC2 Corp that also included seed money to complete the Hemisfear build. The entire car was first designed on the computer with CAD drawings. The original scale model was digitized and a fullsize version was computer-milled out of foam. The foam was then used as the buck to form the carbon-fiber body.

A limited edition vehicle program was also introduced and at SEMA 2006 two Hemisfears were unveiled, the preproduction unit in Hemisfear lime green and the first production model in black. It was a full 16 years for this vehicle to make it from original concept to working vehicle. In total, 5 Hemisfears were built and produced.

Part supercar, part custom and part hot rod, Hemisfear is perhaps the most renowned Foose vehicle.
Owner: Chip Foose
Vehicle: Custom Coupe Stylized and Conceived by Chip Foose


Frame / Manufacturer: Modular Steel Space Frame by Metalcrafters, Inc.
Wheelbase: 120"
Rearend / Ratio: ZF 5 Speed Transaxle
Rear Suspension: Independent, Unequal Length Control Arms by Hotchkis
Rear Brakes: 6-piston Baer Monoblock Calipers, 14" Cross-drilled and Vented Rotors
Rear Shocks: Koni Coilover Shock Absorbers
Front Suspension: Independent, Unequal Length Control Arms by Hotchkis
Front Brakes: 6-piston Baer Monoblock Calipers, 14" Cross-drilled and Vented Rotors
Front Shocks: Inboard-mounted Koni Coilover Shock Absorbers actuated by rocker arms
Master Cylinder: Tilton Series 75
Steering: Woodward Rack and Pinion
Front Wheel Make, Size: 20" x 8" Custom one-off design by Chip Foose
Rear Wheel Make, Size: 20" x 12" Custom one-off design by Chip Foose
Front Tire Make, Size: 225/40 ZR 18 Pirelli PZero
Rear Tire Make, Size: 315/35 ZR 20 Pirelli PZero
Gas Tank:  Custom by Metalcrafters, Inc.


Make: 6.4L Mopar Hemi V-8
Displacement: 392 cubic inches


Make: ZF 5-speed Manual Transaxle
Shifter: Custom design by Chip Foose with Pistol Grip


Body Style / Material: Custom Design by Chip Foose / Carbon Fiber
Body Manufacturer: Metalcrafters, Inc.
Body Mods: Custom Auto-claved Carbon Fiber
Hood: Carbon Fiber
Grille: Stainless Steel
Bodywork: Metalcrafters, Inc.
Paint type / Color: BASF Hemisfear Green Lime Pearl
Painter: Metalcrafters, Inc.
Headlights / Taillights: PIIA Custom / Custom LED
Bumpers: N/A


Dashboard: Custom Design by Chip Foose
Insert / Gauges: Custom by Metalcrafters, Inc.
Air Conditioning: Vintage Air
Wiring: Metalcrafters, Inc.
Steering wheel: Billet Aluminum
Steering column: Tilt Steering Column
Seats: Custom by Metalcrafters, Inc.
Upholsterer: Metalcrafters, Inc.
Material / Color: Leather / Grey & Charcoal with Orange Accent
Carpet: Aircraft