After 6 years working out of their original 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Huntington Beach, California, Chip and Lynne purchased the adjoining 5,000 sq. ft. building creating a contiguous 10,000 sq ft structure. Working around his always busy schedule, Chip spent over a year of analytical study to create an entirely new, functional design that reflects his unique aesthetic appeal.

Customers and visitors will now enter a new reception area and be greeted by an open and inviting showroom featuring 25 ft. ceilings and a 30 ft. curved brick wall. The almost 100-year-old vintage brick was salvaged from the underground vaults of downtown Chicago. A steel beam follows the curve of the brick wall and carries a small pulley system, formerly used to transfer freight, which now secures a one-of-a-kind light fixture. A display niche built into the brick displays scale models of past Foose projects and trophies from famous Foose builds. The large soffit above displays a 50's era Sprint Car, a 1911 Indian board track motorcycle, and various vintage neon signs. Custom track lighting and vintage light fixtures adorn the ceilings. The additional floor space also includes new offices, restroom, computer room, storage, conference room and a small design studio for Chip. Large custom stainless steel doors and windows are present throughout. The open reception area will also present Foose merchandise, apparel and an ever rotating display of Foose vehicles. A large showroom display window allows visitors to watch in-progress construction on the latest Foose customs.

The new work area features walls painted classic two-tone gray and white Foose paint scheme, separated by a horizontal orange accent stripe. The insulated ceiling has been wrapped in white covers and the floor has been epoxy coated. Also included is an office for the shop foreman, a workers restroom, breakroom and hardware storage space.

Construction Photos