Current Builds



Chip's Traditional '32 Project

This 1932 is one of Chip's personal builds. With respect to the original design, he plans to keep it traditional with no major modifications other than the motor. A rebuilt flathead rebuilt by Mike and Max from H&H, complete with an original Italmeccanica supercharger.


'71 Mach Foose Mustang

This 1971 Mach 1 Mustang will be given new life. Chip and his team are dropping the classic 71' Mustang body onto a modern 2010 Mustang GT, extending the wheelbase by 3 inches. The front end is completely restructured with new strut towers and a cleaned-up engine bay. 

The flatness of the 71's stock rear quarters will be addressed by replacing them with quarters from a '70 Mustang. These new panels will add new shape and width to fit wider rear wheels & tires. 

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